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My new (extended) family

Way back in 2006, I wrote my first blog ‘My first year at Yahoo!’.

Here’s are some excerpts

“ The memories of my first day have become somewhat blurred but I do remember the feeling…excitement mixed with anxiety. So many new faces, so many new names ….I didn’t know they were going to become a part of my extended family so soon.


I didn’t want to make this not boring by saying lot of thank yous but I know that you all understand that there is an implied ‘Thank you’ somewhere in this note for each one of you.”

That blog and all my subsequent ones, died with death of Yahoo! 360 and I never bothered to write again.

All these years I focused on and building, improving and well….. sometimes protecting Yahoo! Finance.  (Right now – The purple curtains are just killing me. )

They say, product managers often fall in love with the product they build. I fell in love with something I hadn’t even built in the first place. That’s how it was, for four years and then came the rude awakening. One short phone call in the middle of my niece’s wedding in India, ended it all.

After the initial shock was over, my biggest concern was not about finding a new job but the thought of building something new that I didn’t care about, going to a new office, working with new folks and above all not ‘feeling at home’.

But I found my New (extended) family soon. Just as everything else happens faster at startups, my ‘feeling at home’ which had taken a year at Yahoo! took much less than a month, this time around.

Initially, I had my reservations about working at ShopCo, starting with the name and an oldish small office.

That lasted no more than first couple days. The fun of being around some finest minds in the valley, discovering, learning new stuff and the vision of creating something new and exciting, took over really fast.

And that’s not all. It’s like going from one home to another every morning. A place where your boss makes coffee for you, the CEO helps you setup your monitor, your coworkers are ready to give up their favorite eating place, because they now have a vegetarian colleague, is indeed another home. There is even a grandpa who makes sure you get your favorite candy or box of serial. There are no free lunches and yet lunch is free most days (provided you stick to the right folks!) And not to mention, the private plane… a great experience indeed.

We do have our faults though. (please note the transition from I to we). We get everyone brand new Macbooks and iPads and yet we ‘selectively’ fight over Mac keyboards. We compare cost of buying ‘market data’ in terms of fraction of an engineer  (sorry! just can’t ever get used to that scale of measurement). And we talk so loud that sound-proof headphones are an absolute necessity.

But we brainstorm, we laugh and have have fun all day long.  There are lots of cool startups in the valley building cool products. But we are the only family that, by the way, is also building the coolest discovery shopping destination. The same family that has built multiple successful products, with some new members like myself. We need more engineers and designers, to make our dream a reality. So if you or any of your friends are craving to try something new and exciting, send me a note.

I hope to write a blog one day on ‘My journey from number one Finance destination on the internet to number one shopping destination’ but for now just to keep writing, every once in a while. Hopefully Yahoo! Small business will not die like Yahoo! 360.

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